If your cat follows you to the toilet it’s for a specific reason, so if he has this annoying habit, I present to you all the causes, how to recognize them and above all how to act to solve the problem if you no longer want him to do it.

Why does my cat follow me to the toilet: The causes and their solutions

Your cat has an idea in mind when he follows you to the bathroom. So here is everything you need to know about this strange behavior of your cat in order to stop it depending on the cause of the problem.

He is bored

This is one of the main reasons why a bored cat will follow you to the toilet, meowing or even rubbing against you. Young cats often do this when they have nothing to do and want more stimulation, it’s a call to play.

In this case, especially with young kittens, you will have to play with him 15/20 minutes a day and if that is not enough, make sure he can have fun on his own, either by going outside or inside him. giving something fun, like a cat wheel or an electric fish. You can also arrange for it to have a cat tree, cats love to be perched to see all of their surroundings.

The best, if you are not around often, to make sure to have several cats so that he does not feel alone during the day. Cats don’t like loneliness for long periods of time.

He is hot

And yes, toilets and bathrooms offer freshness in summer, so if it’s very hot, you can leave the bathroom door open so that your cat can cool off there, a cooling pad will also be perfect. if it is very hot.

If your cat is too hot, make sure he has water and a cool spot so he can feel better. A fan is not recommended especially if it makes noise, but giving it access to the attic or the garage if it is not dangerous, will allow it to be cool.

He wants something

A cat that follows you to the bathroom will often want to get something, if it does it in the morning, food is probably the cause for it. It’s up to you to see if you want to feed him directly or make him understand that this method is useless.

You can feed him before sleeping to be more peaceful when he wakes up, if he is outside at night, he will also be less likely to meow because he will probably have already eaten prey such as mice or birds.

He likes smells

Toilet smells can attract cats, and bathroom smells too, if your cat bothers you by following you to the toilet, diffuse citrus smells there, they hate their smell and will stop following you. In this scenario, your cat will smell while entering the room. Even more effective, a cat repellent will keep it out of the toilet and not be aggressive to you.

He is thirsty

If your cat is thirsty, he will sometimes go near damp places, including the toilets, check that his water is fresh and that it is changed every day. Also make sure that his bowl pleases him, in terms of smell (no smell of household products) or in terms of touch (cats don’t like plastic much).

The water must also be far enough from his litter box that he can want to drink from it and be personal to him, the cat being a territorial animal.

If your cat still refuses its water, you can give it mineral water, because the smell of products put in tap water can bother it and if your cat refuses stagnant water, take it to a drinking fountain. cat water, the capacity of which will seem healthier to him, because flowing water is so in the wild.

He is afraid

If your cat is scared of something he may follow you around, try to see if your cat is scared of anything in particular. It may be a new animal or inhabitant to which it will have to be accustomed, such as noisy work or innocuous things such as cucumbers.

So if your cat is scared, make sure you know how to get rid of his fear or manage to get him used to it if it’s something he doesn’t have to fear, like a newcomer or animal for example. To de-stress him, you can diffuse a soothing cat spray which will have the opposite effect of a repellent.

He controls his territory

The cat can consider the toilet as part of its territory, so if your feline follows you to the toilet, it can check that everything is going well there, it is quite rare, but if your cat is there often, it will consider that is his territory.

Especially if there has been a smell of bleach , which to cats resembles the smell of cat urine and which signals to him that his territory is invaded, he will often urinate over it to cover up the smell.

Things draw him there

For example, your cat may want to play with toilet paper or even smell something like soap, the water running from the tap may also fascinate him and he may play with it for hours.

If your cat goes to the bathroom with you for this reason, he will not stick to you but will go directly where he wants. So close the door tightly if you want him to stop and understand that he shouldn’t go.

My cat follows me to the toilet: The final word

If your cat follows you to the bathroom, find the cause to correct this behavior and make sure you can go to the bathroom without your cat being in your paws. All you have to do is find the cause and implement the appropriate behavior. Do not punish him by cons, otherwise he will lose his confidence in you.