Cats are famous for having a lot of balance, which is true thanks to their mustache allowing them to better guide themselves and their legendary agility. But a falling cat is not impossible, because cats can fall. I explain everything you need to know about this phenomenon.

Falling Cat: Parachute Cat Syndrome

Trauma in cats is common from a bad fall, because even though their body mechanism allows them to almost always land on their feet, they can still fall when the fall is too much for them to handle. Especially when it is too short for them to regain their balance.

Another factor that makes cats fall is that they had not foreseen the fall, it can for example be an imbalance, a draft or inattention that makes their fall is involuntary and therefore more difficult to control. This is the main factor in falling in cats that have reached adulthood, because cats have a precise idea of ​​how to fall and when to do so.

What are the risks for the cat?

Cats are at risk of many injuries, especially if they fall 2 floors or less, because they have less time to correct their position to land on their feet. But be careful, because the height can also be fatal for them, especially from the 5th floor which can be fatal for him. Sometimes cats survive falls from more than 7 floors because they have time to control their fall, but they will always have serious injuries.

And many injuries can be the consequence of this fall, such as fractures, trauma or even internal bleeding.

But which cats fall?

Cats that fall are generally young cats under 2 years old, who do not necessarily have the ability to properly gauge their movement and are more lively. The younger the cat, the more likely it is to fall from the window or the balcony, because its inability to assess the danger, the more its permanent agitation at the sight of a stimulus, such as a bird, can cause it to fall.

Unneutered cats are also more likely to fall because periods of heat can cause them to underestimate the risk. If an unneutered cat is at the window and sees a female cat, he will lose all sense of reason and rush outside.

What if my cat falls?

If your cat has had a fall from a great height, wrap him in a blanket and take him to a veterinary hospital where he can be treated quickly. Veterinary emergencies will allow, thanks to a blood sample and diagnostic imaging, to be able to quickly analyze all the damage.

Even if no injury is visible, your cat may have serious internal problems, if he is lethargic or seems physically weakened, take him there too to the emergency room. Often the worst injuries are those that are not easily visible.

How to prevent it from falling?

To prevent the cat from falling from the balcony or the window , you can implement several solutions, which are highly recommended if your cat is young:

  • Place mosquito nets, balconies and nylon fishing nets at least 2.5 meters high, making sure that your cat cannot pierce them with its claws or teeth.

  • Close the windows before going out: Because cats like to perch there and can fall following a noise that frightens them or out of curiosity, for example if they see a bird.

  • Diffuse a smell that he hates towards the exit points  : Like citrus fruits for example whose smell he hates, he will be repelled by the place, which can be a good complement to the mosquito net. He will associate the balcony or the window with a smelly place that he hates.

Don’t scare him: If he’s on a window sill or on the balcony, noise can hurt him and cause him to fall, especially noise.

My cat is falling: The final word

Cats can fall, but once you know the risks and the reasons why, you know how to prevent your feline from falling down and getting hurt.