Spring is coming and your cat brings back its usual batch of dandruff? A cat that has dandruff in the spring can bring it back for several causes, here are the ones that can lead to it. For each one I explain to you how to recognize it and especially how to solve the problem.

Cat that has dandruff in the spring: The causes and their solutions

If your cat has dandruff in the spring, pay close attention to the following causes and for each follow my advice to get rid of it quickly;


In the spring the tall grasses are full of fleas and other parasites which will then invade your cat’s coat and sometimes the body and be very aggressive for the skin, and your cat will scratch a lot.

To make sure of this, take a good look at its coat to see if there are mobile white dots and you can then get a clear idea of ​​whether or not these undesirables are present.

If it’s parasites, take him to the vet for deworming because there are no truly 100% effective natural solutions and these pests can endanger your cat’s life by multiplying in his body. .

In the meantime, an anti-parasite cat shampoo can relieve it followed by a fine combing of its coat to eliminate as many parasites as possible.

The heat

Heat can dry out your cat’s skin, if the stage of simple dandruff is not exceeded, then a simple regular brushing and a cat shampoo session once a week will be enough to limit its presence.

But if the dandruff multiplies really quickly, avoid too much heat if it occurs in the spring, by taking him out after 4 p.m. or by giving him access to cooler places in the house.

You can hang a damp cloth in its corner or turn on the air conditioning.

The change of seasons

Seasonal changes can cause the skin to react more quickly in terms of their renewal and create dandruff. This is also something completely normal and which sometimes requires you to maintain your cat’s coat.

Dandruff in spring: the generic solutions

To protect your cat from dandruff in the spring, you can put in place good habits that will help him maintain healthy skin:

  • Give it fatty acids: For example, fish oil which contains a lot of them and will nourish the cat’s skin well, making it less likely to have them.

  • Give him vitamins and minerals: Food supplements for cats are recommended in the spring to help him have healthier and stronger skin.

  • Make him anti-dandruff shampoos for cats: I specify well for cats because ours are not suitable for them.

Cat with dandruff in the spring: The final word

Dandruff that appears in the spring is often mild and easy to manage, but keep an eye out for the presence of parasites to avoid any risk to your cat’s health.