A cat with dandruff on its back can have it for different reasons. In this article, I will introduce you to each of them and show you the solutions.

Cat with dandruff on its back: The causes and their solutions

The dandruff shows some aspects of the cat’s health, unfortunately abnormal. They occur when the renewal of the upper layer of the skin is abnormal. Here are the different factors leading to it and how to make sure that this dandruff does not reappear again.

The lack of vitamins

A lack of vitamins can cause, among other things, dandruff on the cat’s back. In this case, your cat may seem more tired because of these nutritional deficiencies. Apartment cats that only eat kibble are much more at risk.

Be sure to feed your cat a complete diet, or he may have serious health problems as he ages. You can take cat food supplements so that he has the omega-3s, vitamins and minerals he needs.


Your cat may have had mange , especially if it is in frequent contact with other animals, as it is highly transmissible. Mange will cause the cat to scratch until it bleeds and you will need to contact a veterinarian to fix the problem.


Parasites, such as fleas, ringworms or worms can traumatize your cat’s skin and promote the appearance of dandruff on its back, which your cat can hardly lick off. A deworming will be necessary and must be followed by a dewormer to avoid any recurrence. You can check for them in the cat’s stool and coat, often as white dots.


This skin infection is recognizable by the many red dots it causes and you will need to visit the vet to get rid of it for your cat.

An allergy

Allergies, especially those related to food, are often responsible for skin problems, so if you have changed your cat’s diet, it is very likely that something is an allergen for him. Change the food or go to the vet if the problem persists.

The heat

If it is very hot, the cat’s skin can become very dry and lead to the formation of dandruff, especially on its back, which is most exposed to the heat. If it’s very hot, try to keep your cat as cool as possible. You can take a water humidifier or give it access to a cool place like the bathroom.


Obesity causes dandruff on the back because your cat no longer has access to it with his tongue and cannot get rid of it. It will also cause hypersebbohrea favoring their appearance.

Do not put your cat on a diet, but reduce the portions and rebalance its diet. Exercise him too, for example with a cat wheel.

Cat with dandruff on its back: The final word

If your cat has dandruff on its back, it is often indicative of a problem and you will need to put in place the appropriate solution for the one causing it. By helping you with the elements that I have provided, you will quickly find the cause and be able to act quickly, especially if it is a young cat or an older cat whose immune system is weaker.