Do you have a cat that cries at night? Although it may seem strange, it is actually quite logical crying and can come from different causes. I explain everything in this article.

Cat that cries at night: The different causes and their solutions

If your cat looks like she’s crying, it’s probably just watery eyes that can be caused by different things. For each one, I explain to you how to recognize it and especially how to act in the face of this problem.

An infection

Yellowish colored tears are a sign of an eye infection. It is probably more visible at night when he sleeps because the eyes no longer blink for long hours. You can disinfect with saline water but your cat won’t like it and I advise you to reward it afterwards so that it associates it with something positive.

If nothing changes within 48 hours, then the veterinarian is essential because the infection is too advanced and he alone can give him the appropriate treatments. If your cat is very young or very old, I advise you to go to the office without waiting because their body is more fragile.

He hasn’t eaten enough all day

When I say that, I am not only talking about quantities but also about quality. He must be able to have kibble and cat food. If he is skinny or seems weak during the day, that may be the problem.

He is irritated

If your cat has red eyes, then it is an irritation that could be due to too dry air or an allergy. If the problem persists, go see the veterinarian. At night, the problem is much easier to see because he has his eyes closed for several hours, which promotes crying. You can already clean his eyes with saline solution for cats.

He accumulated stress during the day

Stress can cause nocturnal watery eyes in cats. For example, your feline may be afraid of change, such as a newcomer or a new home. In this case, you will have to gradually get him used to it and reassure him. It takes him about a month to get used to it completely.

Cat that cries at night: The final word

If your cat cries or tears during the night, the first thing is to find the cause, then you will need to ensure that your cat can have the right treatment or put the right things in place so that he can again sleep without crying.