If your cat chews on objects, he does it for a specific cause, here is why he does it, how to recognize the cause and the solutions to put in place to treat the source of the problem.

Cat that bites objects: The causes and their solutions

Regarding this feline problem, here are the different solutions for each problem and the ways to recognize them.

He is afraid

The first reason is the fear he may have of a new animal in the home or a new inhabitant, for example. If the problem comes after a change in the cat’s life and he may see it as a danger, then look no further.

Regarding his fear, you will have to calm him down by getting him used to the new animal or inhabitant of the household by going there gradually, especially if the animal is not a cat, and always stay with both when they spend time together to avoid any risk of fights.

To promote the calm of the cat, do not hesitate to give him a soothing spray that will act directly on his pheromones, calm him and make sure to facilitate taming, if the new animal in the home is the cause of his fear.

He trained to hunt

A young cat who jumps in all directions and overflows with energy trains for hunting, it will then be necessary to channel it, either by letting it out if it is not dangerous for it or by giving it toys to let off steam like an electric fish for example. An unneutered cat will naturally be more aggressive.

He is stressed

Change stresses out cats, so if you’ve just moved, make your cat feel their best by giving them stress sprays, spending time with them, and recreating their personal space.

If his personal space is noisy or agitated, it is also normal that he is stressed, and you will have to make sure that he is well in his personal corner, he must not feel vulnerable there, all this is linked to his natural survival instinct.

He has a dental disease

If your cat’s gums are red or bleeding, then it’s normal for him to chew on objects, it’s actually to take the pain away, if the problem doesn’t pass quickly, go see the vet and brush him well her teeth regularly and give her a cat tooth spray. Taking care of the cat’s teeth is taking care of its health, because dirty teeth eventually create lung and heart problems, eventually causing the death of the cat.

Cat that bites objects: The final word

Finding the cause of the problem is not that difficult, then you just need to put in place the right solutions. It is recommended whatever the cause to take care of his teeth, extending his living space by several years.