If your cat attacks you for no apparent reason, there are actually many logical causes that lead him to attack you for no reason. But why does my cat attack me for no reason? In this article I explain everything you need to know and especially how to react to the precise cause of the problem.

Cat attacking me for no reason: The different causes

If your cat attacks you for no reason, it is for one of the following reasons. For each cause, I explain how to recognize it and especially how to act to stop its aggressiveness towards you.

He is hungry

If your cat is hungry, he will usually rub at you or meow near his bowl, but sometimes he may bite and scratch you to make the problem go away. A cat that has made will meow at the same time as it attacks you and will look at you to show you that it expects something from you.

So, if your cat is hungry, it is vital to readjust his habits and ensure that he has regular meals that cover all his needs, by giving him enough animal protein via chow, for example, and not being satisfied. only traditional croquettes (it’s also too dry to be the only source and can lead to health problems after 10 years).

If it’s an indoor cat, that’s all the more vital because it doesn’t hunt mice and other animals outside and depends solely on you for food. A regular and varied food intake is necessary.

Be careful, however, if you get him used to certain foods such as sardines or meat such as chicken, he can in this case have a whim and reject his classic foods. It is out of the question to give in in this specific case.

He is hurt

If your cat is in pain, he may become aggressive, it’s a way for him to express his suffering. The cause of the pain is not always visible, so if after looking at his coat and possible movement problems nothing is obvious, watch his habits.

Maybe he is lethargic or not eating anymore, once you see that he has certain behaviors that change (molestiness, refusal to eat…), it is vital to take him to the vet if nothing does not pass quickly. Especially if it’s over 10 years old.

He is afraid

If your cat is scared, he will become much more aggressive. If, for example, you have put his personal corner in the kitchen and he does not like the smells or you cook there, he will be afraid and will attack you.

See if there is anything to do to him when he becomes aggressive and even in general, your cat must always have a healthy and calm environment so as not to be afraid. If, for example, you prepare food at the grinder, he can be unleashed against you.

He has a behavior disorder.

If your cat has a behavioral problem that causes him to behave abnormally, including your cat attacking you for no reason, take him to a behaviorist who can correct the problem.

If it’s an old cat that didn’t have this behavior before, then the vet may prescribe something to calm it down, with age cats can become more and more violent for no apparent reason, it’s a sign that mental degeneration has begun

He wants to play

If your cat wants to play, he can attack you to initiate the game. Young cats often snap and sometimes have trouble controlling their energy. So if you have a young cat, ignore him to make him understand that there is no point in attacking you to play, it will encourage him for the future.

You can also make it quieter when you arrive. For example, a cat wheel or food puzzle can get him active during the day, so he’ll be calmer when you get home.

Some interactive toys can also keep him excited for hours if you don’t have time for long periods of play. This will prevent him from taking your body for a toy, like the feet, which often remind them of mice.

He is in heat

An unneutered cat is more aggressive than the others and will even have a much shorter life expectancy if it has access to the outside. So if your cat is not neutered, periods of heat will make him a wild beast.

If your cat isn’t neutered, his aggressiveness towards you makes perfect sense, he’s bringing out his buried sexual urges by attacking you and being aggressive in general.

He’s sick

Your cat may have an illness and is attacking you as a result. For example, it may bite to relieve oral disease or relieve pain by concentrating on something else. Cats typically purr when sick and eat less.

If you suspect that your cat is sick, give him a moist and temperate food, ditto for the water which should not be too cold, and take him to the veterinarian if nothing passes quickly.

He was badly weaned

Early weaning or on the contrary too late will have consequences on the behavior of the cat, especially if the weaning was early. He will have more difficulty understanding normal behavior because his mother did not teach him.

If your cat has behaviors that are sometimes inexplicable and he is young, an appointment with the behaviorist is often recommended so that he can correct the problem while he is young (afterwards his behavior will be less easily correctable).

He is jealous

Cats are jealous by nature and if a new animal or a newcomer has arrived in the household, its attacks are probably related to jealousy. You will have to make him understand that nothing will change between you.

For example, if a new animal has arrived, have a good time together so that they can tame each other. If it’s a newcomer, associate it with something positive. Like, for example, make your new spouse feed him so he can associate it with something positive.

He protects his territory

Cats are very territorial and if you get too close to their territory, i.e. their personal corner or a place where it is very often, like part of the sofa, it can attack you. This is often the case with the most aggressive cats.

Show him who is at home with a firm NO without violently punishing him, which will only make the situation worse.

Cat attacking me for no reason: The final word

If your cat attacks you for no reason, it is for a specific reason, once you have detected it, it will be enough to put in place the right solutions, which are easy to put in place.