A cat that attacks feet does so for several reasons. So, to prevent your cat from attacking the feet by biting or scratching, I will explain the causes of this problem, how to recognize them and above all how to react to prevent your cat from throwing itself like a possessed person on your feet.

Cat that attacks the feet: Why and what to do?

If your cat attacks your feet either by biting them or scratching them or even jumping on them. Here’s why he does it and how to react.

He wants to play

If your cat wants to play, especially when it is still a very young kitten, it will often attack your feet. This is the main cause of your cat picking on your feet, as they are a source of play for young cats straight out of heaven.

They move, they look like mice, and they’re slow enough to pounce on. Remember that if cats play, it is to sharpen their natural predatory instincts and that your feet are a perfect support for it, especially when you are walking.

So, if your cat hurts you, push him away without hurting him and make him understand that he is hurting you. For example, you can ignore him to make him understand that these attacks on your feet did not please you, which he does not necessarily understand when he is young.

Also make your cat understand that he is hurting you, he will understand that he is doing it and will be less aggressive the next time he wants to play. Very young cats often have trouble controlling their bodies. Unweaned kittens are more at risk and you may need to take her to a behaviorist if she is too much of a problem.

Finally, give him games on which he can let off steam completely, such as an electric fish or an interactive ball that will allow him to put all his strength into it without hurting you.

He’s asking for something

If your cat calls for something, you will hear it meow and it will also rub against you. He can then attack your feet to make you react, but ignore him because otherwise he will take it as something positive.

If your cat is crying out for something it’s usually either to go outside or to get food, which makes the cause easily recognizable. But only feed him after he stops attacking your feet.

He will eventually understand that ignorance is a sign that he will get nothing, and that he should eat only when you fill his bowl. There too, young cats most often have this behavior and must be educated.

He is restless

A constantly restless cat will inevitably bite your feet. So the easiest way is to make sure that he channels his energy differently, especially if he is indoors. First start by making sure that he spends enough time during the day with a cat tree, interactive toys or even a food puzzle.

Young cats need to exert themselves. You can also play with him and cuddle him so that he is calmer and his energy has been sufficiently channeled. Giving him an interactive puzzle will also allow him to exert himself to eat.

He is jealous

If your cat is jealous, he will let you know by glaring at you, ignoring you, and attacking you. For example, if a new animal or a new occupant has joined the household, they may come after you for revenge.

Make sure he understands that nothing will change in the relationship and also make sure he can have a good time with the newcomer so that he can tame him and understand that it is not about a threat to him.

Be careful, if the new animal is a predator or a prey in the wild, you will have to go there with essential precautions and above all go gradually so that everything goes well with your cat. You can start by making them smell their respective scent on a cloth and then play with them by diffusing soothing sprays while remaining very attentive.

He is bored

A bored cat will find every possible source of distraction. So there too, make sure that he can spend enough time with games and playing with him. Very young cats often have boundless energy.

If he’s bored during the day, a second cat or toys he can play with on his own will help calm him down at night. For example the cat wheel or the interactive fish.

He defends his territory

A cat is very territorial and if he sees your feet approaching while he is eating or doing his business, beware! You are in his personal space and he will make you understand. Keep his personal space away from the hustle and bustle so he can leave your feet alone.

If he is not neutered, he will inevitably be much more territorial and it is preferable to have him neutered, even if he lives outdoors, his life expectancy will be greater because he will take fewer risks there.

Generic solutions

If your cat attacks your feet, start by ignoring it, then if it continues, don’t punish it but put it in a closed room for a few minutes to create a negative association in its head. He will associate violent games with isolation.

Then, give him a soothing spray so he can calm down naturally in seconds. But you can act upstream to give him some before he attacks you, but you will still have to deal with the problem at the root.

Cat attacking feet: The final word

A cat that attacks the feet often fills a lack of energy spent, observe its behavior well to find the precise cause. Once she is identified, it will be much easier to channel her.