Cats have the same allergies as humans, such as pollen or fleas. A cat allergic to dust mites is also quite common, but it is not inevitable and you can take action to simplify its life. I explain everything to solve this problem.

What is dust mite allergy?

Dust mites are mainly present in mattresses, carpets and sheets and thrive in humidity and are very fond of the air exhaled during sleep to develop there. If cats are allergic to it, it is not because of bites but because of their excrement which contains the Der p1 protein, an allergen for some cats.

Cat allergic to dust mites: Symptoms

Symptoms of dust mite allergies in cats are:

  • Rhinitis  : Runny nose with effects similar to those of a cold, but this time does not go away. Your cat may also sneeze. In case of rhinitis, clean his nose regularly with a saline solution and a tissue to dislodge the mucus that can clog his nostrils.

  • Conjunctivitis  : Red and watery eyes, with ocular waste on waking and a tendency to fall asleep easily. Again, clean the area gently if residue clings.

  • Asthma  : Breathing is more difficult, which is a medical emergency in cats if breathing is really difficult. In case of asthma, the cat must stay indoors without moving too much to prevent the problem from becoming life-threatening.

  • Skin problems  : Like eczema, often due to excessive scratching by the cat trying to get rid of it or sometimes also compulsive licking. A flea shampoo can help it less itchy, as can brushing with baking soda.

Good habits to adopt

A cat that is allergic to dust mites should be kept away from its pests, such as sheets, curtains and clothing. Ideally, his basket must be anti-mite so that he can be there without suffering them.

If he goes on your bed and isn’t dust mite repellent, make sure he can’t get to it so he doesn’t suffer the allergy. Failing this, an anti-mite house can prevent it from suffering from the mites present on its surface.

Also make sure to clean the places he frequents regularly to get rid of the maximum of mites that can be present in many places such as curtains or even furniture.

Groom it regularly with hot water so that it is completely rid of mites on a regular basis. He won’t like it and I advise you to calm him down with theirs of bach and then reward him afterwards so that he associates the cleaning with something pleasant.

Finally, clean his nose and eyes with cat saline to keep everything as healthy as possible. Otherwise, he may have difficulty closing his eyes over time and may develop an eye infection.

Obviously, you still need a basic treatment so that he can live normally again, here is everything you need to put in place.

How to treat it?

There are several treatments for this allergy:

  • Desensitization  : Which does not always work but can permanently relieve him of this dust mite allergy. You will need to see an allergist.

  • Medications  : Prescribed by your doctor that will stop your body from fighting the dust mites that cause the symptoms of this allergy. It can be antibiotics such as corticosteroids in the most important cases.

  • Homeopathy  : You can ask your pharmacist, some homeopathic medicines are intended to relieve dust mite allergies.

My cat is allergic to dust mites: The final word

A cat allergic to dust mites can be easily treated, in the meantime, keep them in an environment with as few dust mites as possible to limit allergy symptoms.