If your cat starts to growl, it can do so for many reasons, in this article we will see together why your cat growls and how to calm it down depending on the cause that causes the problem.

How to calm a growling cat? The causes and the different solutions

Here are all the causes that can cause your cat to growl, along with ways to recognize them and how to stop them.

Mark his territory

Cats are very territorial animals, they will for example refuse shared litter boxes or shared food and will often mark their territory by rubbing or urinating. If he thinks you’re in your territory or someone else is, then he may growl in disagreement.

If your cat growls for this reason, then he will do so when someone is in a place where he is often. Know first of all that if your cat is not neutered, he will be much more aggressive in addition to taking risks that can kill him outside and it will be vital to have him neutered to avoid these problematic behaviors.

If your cat growls and is already neutered ignoring it will be the best solution, he will eventually understand that his whining is useless, and if necessary, you can use a cat repellent which will work effectively without traumatize him as traditional punishments can do.

Be quiet

If he growls because you woke him up, that’s normal, and you should make sure to leave him alone when he doesn’t want to play.

He suffers

A cat in pain can be recognized by its apathy and the fact that it refuses to be touched at a part of its body that is causing it pain. Palpate him, and if a place hurts him, he probably has an injury, which could be internal, you will then have to quickly go to the veterinarian.

Also know that if he is in pain, comforting him and spreading an anti-stress spray for cats will help him feel a little better and live better with the pain.

He stresses

Cats are very anxious in certain situations, such as changes, whether it’s a move or a new pet. In this case, he will be very restless and will growl at things that usually indifferent to him.

It will then be necessary to accustom it to this change, by recreating its corner after the move, or by taming it with a newcomer to the household. To make him stop growling, you can also use an anti-stress spray, which will act in a few seconds, but which will not treat the problem at the root, even if it can facilitate taming in the case of a newcomer to the household.

How to calm a growling cat? The final word

If your cat growls, then it is vital to act according to where the problem is located, for this, apply what has been mentioned and you will manage to make him regain his calm easily.