If your cat has been bitten and has a wound, stay tuned with me, in this article, I explain how to cure it and above all how to prevent it from happening again to guarantee the health and safety of your cat.

Bitten cat that has a wound: How to cure it?

To ensure that your cat recovers completely and quickly, certain habits are essential to put in place. Here’s everything you need to do to allow the wound to heal.

Prevent him from scratching

This is the thing he must avoid because by biting the wound, healing will not occur but worse than that, your cat will see his wound worsen or even become necrotic and it is vital that he does not touch it for the wound can heal in a few days or a few weeks depending on the size of the wound.

If your cat is scratching, the simplest solution is to put a collar on it to prevent it from scratching. So, if your cat spends its time scratching, place it around the neck and make sure it’s not too tight.

An alternative is a cat or baby suit to place over the cat so it can’t scratch its wound , which is less effective but better than nothing if you don’t have a collar on hand.

Disinfect it

If you disinfect it, the wound will be able to avoid infection and the healing will have a favorable ground, so if your cat has a wound, do it several times a day, and at least once but always with a cat disinfectant.

Then, apply a dressing every day to cover the wound or a bandage s a simple dressing is not enough.

Keep it inside

By keeping him indoors, your cat will have a healthy environment and not move around too much, essential conditions for his recovery, letting him outside can put him in dirty places or make him do an activity that will accelerate bleeding.

Plus, keeping him indoors will prevent him from fighting again and getting bitten and hurting even more.

Apply honey

By applying honey to your cat (on his wound), healing will also be accelerated, so don’t hesitate, honey will do him the greatest good. So make sure, if you don’t have cat sanitizer, don’t hesitate. Your cat will not fear the honey on his wound.

Go see the vet

If the wound is large, it is vital to go see the veterinarian so that they can provide treatment for both its healing and its pain. Sometimes stitches will be necessary as well as the immobilization of the caged cat for several days.

Bitten cat that has a wound: How to avoid recurrences?

If your cat has been bitten, it is vital that they can avoid being bitten again. So if your cat has a wound following a bite, it is vital that he can avoid putting himself in danger, here is how to avoid any recurrence.

Castrate him

Castrating him is essential because uncastrated cats are much more aggressive and will take many more risks in addition to getting into fights with other cats for reproduction.

To castrate him is to disinterest him in fights and to make him avoid taking risks due to his reproductive instinct, in addition to all the other dangers due to his audacity.

Trace it

Putting a GPS cat collar on it means reassuring your cat that it can be located and you will be able to know if it goes in places where it should not go, in which case you can put natural cat repellents on it. the place where he used to go to disgust him.

Keep him out of harm’s way

A gentle way to do this is to educate him and make him understand that he shouldn’t go there by bringing him back when he goes too far, the younger he is the easier it will be because he is in the middle of a period of learning.

You can also place a cat fence that keeps it in your yard so that cat can avoid the dangers that are outside.

Finally, do not take him out if he cannot come back quickly, like at night for example, unless you have a cat flap that keeps him coming and going easily.

Scare away dangerous animals

If animals venture into your yard, make them flee so that they understand that approaching is a danger, you can make noise, run after them or broadcast a dog noise via your smartphone for example.

Go see a behaviorist

If the fight took place with one of your other animals, it is vital that your animals are taken to a behaviorist to avoid further fights.

Bitten cat with a wound: The final word

If your cat has been bitten and has a wound, it is necessary to act both to cure it and above all to avoid recurrences in the future.