Baking soda is a product with a thousand virtues, whether in terms of cleaning but also in terms of health. So should you give it to your cat? In this article I tell you all about the usefulness of baking soda for cats.

Baking Soda for Cats: The Benefits


If fleas can only be eliminated by deworming, bicarbonate allows before brushing to clear its harmful parts in large parts and to be able to reduce your cat’s itching in order to avoid increasingly serious skin problems.

It’s a natural way to keep the problem under control before you go to the vet and to prevent the situation from escalating due to cat scratching.

Natural shampoo

Shampoos are the enemies of cats and if it is dirty, baking soda followed by brushing can clean it without it agitating in all directions and much more easily than with a shampoo for cats.

The baking soda will avoid shampoos as soon as there is the slightest dirt. Human shampoo is more dangerous for the cat forcing the purchase of special shampoo for cats. Baking soda is much more convenient to find and use.


Baking soda can be put in the litter to absorb odors and prevent them from bothering your cat and yourself, an odorous litter will also be more unpleasant for him and he will go to relieve himself elsewhere if it is too dirty.

All you have to do is sprinkle the litter with baking soda to absorb urine and stool odors, ideal in the summer. In addition, bicarbonate is not unpleasant to the eyes of cats like Febreze type anti-odors and classic household products.

If your cat has peed outside the litter box, the baking soda will also absorb the smell of cat urine after cleaning. Whether it’s the floor, a mattress or even a carpet.


If your cat has been injured, baking soda will help stop the bleeding for faster healing. It will have to be wet so that it can take effect by sticking sufficiently.

Relieves pain

By applying baking soda to the area causing your cat pain (provided that the wound is external and not internal) then the pain will be less severe.

An ideal cleanser

You want to clean the cat’s bowl without products that are harmful to it, so clean it with baking soda, effective and safe for your feline, unlike household products that can poison it.

All you need is a sponge to disperse the bicarbonate in order to obtain all the effects and be able to obtain a deep cleaning.

A perfect toothpaste

Cleaning your cat’s teeth with cat toothpaste is not essential if you have baking soda which will help maintain dental hygiene, you just need to moisten the baking soda before application.

Brushing the cat’s teeth allows you to maintain impeccable oral hygiene and avoid problems with tartar and infections.

Baking soda and cat: The final word

Baking soda is a wonder of nature and you can use it for many reasons with your cat. Always keep it on hand to enjoy it at any time.