If you have a cat and you want to green your apartment or your house, it is completely normal to wonder which plants to choose because many plants are toxic for cats and they have the habit of purging themselves with plants, which which can therefore be dangerous in this case.

So if you want to choose plants that are not dangerous to him, stay very attentive and attentive because I give you 10 plants among the most popular and totally harmless for your dear tomcat.

10 poisonous plants for cats

Outdoor cats are generally disinterested in indoor plants because they usually purge outdoors and have a better instinct for knowing what is and is not potentially dangerous.

But for indoor cats, toxic plants should definitely be avoided in favor of non-toxic plants. So here are 10 non-toxic plants for cats that will help you green your home without putting your cat in danger.

Kentia Palm

Like the vast majority of palms, the Kentia Palm is not a threat to cats. This plant from Australia is also easy to maintain and will last for many years thanks to its robustness.

Be sure to choose a model that is suitable for your space, some being 2 meters tall.

The only exception among the palms is the yucca palm which is toxic to cats because its leaves contain saponins which can cause inflammation in the cat.


Calathea comes from the rainforests of Brazil and is completely harmless to cats. From the leaves to the stems, nothing in its composition is dangerous for cats. This plant is suitable for small apartments, measuring only 30 to 50 cm.

Green lily

Green lilies are classic houseplants that are non-toxic to cats and have generally long leaves that are either striped green, green-white or green-yellow. This plant is easy to care for.

Be careful though because cats love this plant and excessive consumption can lead to many stomach upsets if they eat too much.


Unlike previous houseplants, catnip is usually placed in homes for cats to purge. It is of course not toxic and can be consumed at will by the cat regardless of the type of catnip.


Catnip is also non-toxic and really attracts cats with its lemony smell. In addition to this attractive smell for cats, catnip has an aphrodisiac and euphoric effect. Nepetalactone, an active ingredient present in this plant, helps relieve anxiety in cats.

Last positive point, catnip contains actinide which attract cats but above all, repels insects.


Valerian also contains actinide which makes it attractive to cats. It has exciting effects for cats who rub against it and bite it. After consuming it, your cat may go crazy and run around and become aggressive. Its consumption must therefore be limited.


If you want to bring a few more flowers into your apartment and not cause any harm to your cat, this is a great choice. Daisies do not contain any toxins and are therefore not dangerous for cats.

It is still necessary to avoid that your cat eats too much at the risk of skin rashes.


Want eye-catching but non-toxic houseplants for your cat? Then hibiscus is the perfect plant.

This plant originally comes from the tropical forests of Asia and comes in dozens of colors and types and can be planted as a shrub or tree in the garden or be used as a houseplant. From July to October, this plant is adorned with many magnificent flowers.


Marigolds are also part of the plants that beautify your interior while allowing you not to endanger your cat.

This indoor plant is also easy to maintain.


Geraniums also adorn many balconies and apartments and are safe plants for cats.

The dangers of non-toxic plants for cats

Even though non-toxic plants are not dangerous on their own, there are still several points to take into account and certain things to take into account so that your cat does not suffer any danger from their contact.

First of all, non-toxic plants can be sprayed with chemical products that are not to be put within reach of cats or they will vomit and suffer from it.

Next, the plant pot must be stable and solid, otherwise it could injure your cat by falling over or breaking it.

Non-Toxic Plants for Cats: The Final Word

There are many non-toxic plants for cats and if you go to a specialized store, you can always ask the seller if the one you want is completely harmless to cats.